who are you, and what is this?

one question at a time please. i'm Steve, known as "Nulcheck" on the internet and stuff. i make electronic music. this is my online merch store i guess.

why does this online store seem like a joke?

ok first off, ouch. why to you have to be like that?

secondly, if you're referring to the random "jokes" and funny stuff through out the site, it's because why not? i'm dumb and funny, so there's dumb and funny stuff sprinkled through out the website like salt. hell, this question is also one of them. you didn't ask it (probably), i put it here because i thought it might be something someone would ask. i just worded it to sound mean and sarcastic, to be funny.

why is your stuff so expensive?? OMG! typical youtuber / music artist / public figure merch

it isn't really. and i don't have much control over that. i literally go with the one of the cheapest brands from my dropshipping partner. and i barely put a markup on it for my designs. i literally take one of the lowest margins of profit i can. i make like a dollar or two just off of a shirt alone. (There are none right now, but I've seen the margins.) there's not much i can do about the price.

why do you take such a small margin?

assuming you read the above question, or maybe you've noticed how cheap this stuff is, it's because i don't really care to make a profit on this stuff. as of now (09/12/2023) no one really knows me, so i'm not going to get a whole lot of traffic and business off of this thing. but, by any chances someone actually does buy my stuff, i want them to pay as little as possible. i don't like when youtuber's / music artist's / public figure's / whatever's merch is expensive. i get they have to turn a profit, and have to have a decent margin to do that, but still..

where is your stuff made?

i don't know dude. i use a dropshipping company. they handle actually making the stuff and shipping it. somewhere from North Carolina, USA, i think? as for where they get those blank products from, i don't man. i think it depends on the product. check out Printful's website, they might tell you on there somewhere.

what is this "dropshipping" thing you keep mentioning?

well it's a company where you can customize products (like shirts and stickers), and they get the blank product, then slap your design that you give them onto it. there's a base price for the product (i can't change that), then there's a markup (that i can change) for the design. this is my actual margin of profit i will make off of the product. and from one of the questions above, i mentioned i take the lowest margin i can, because i don't care, and i wanted to be as least expensive as possible.

why is this question here? idk, maybe some people don't know what dropshipping is, or how all those youtubers / people who just slap their logo on a shirt, have merch.

who is your dropshipping partner?

as of right now, Printful. there could be more in the future, but for now, i'm just with them. the actual website / online store is ran by Shopify.